aluminium floats for ultralight and LSA
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Eurocub on 1200lbs straight floats FK-9 on 1200lbs straight floats CT on 1200lbs straight floats Pelican on 1200lbs straight floats

  1200-S EuroCub                1200-S FK-9                   1200-S CT                   1200-S J300              1200-S Pelican

RANS S6 on 1200lbs floats Savage on 1200-A5 amphibian floats TT2000 on 1200-A4 amphibian floats C-42 on 1250-A3 amphibian floats on 1200-A4 amphibian floats Tecnam P-92 Seasky on 1400lbs amphibian floats

   1200-S RANS S6          1200-A4 Savage          1200-A4 TT2000              1250-A3 C42               1400-A4 P-92

RANS S6 on 1500lbs amphibian floats Skylane UL FK-9 LSA A-22 LSA amphibians G1 SPYL on 1200lb amphibians

  1500-A4 RANS S6     1200-A4 Skylane UL         1300-A4 FK-9          1400-A3 Aeroprakt        1200-A4 G1 SPYL

Skylane UL on 1200lbs floats Aeroprakt A-22 on 1500 amphibian floats Eurofox with installed 1200lb straight floats    

  1200-S Skylane UL     1500-A4 Aeroprakt        1200-S Eurofox

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